File Browser
Custom Connection Settings

Enter a valid address in the remote location field to start browsing a remote resource. The address must include the protocol scheme (either FTP or SFTP). In case the resource requires authentication, uncheck “try anonymous login” and provide with username and password.

If you wish to bookmark the resource and/or save the provided credentials on successful login, check appropriate boxes before pressing OK.


Here you can find all previously bookmarked locations. Bookmarks are alphabetically ordered by title. Bookmark title can be changed:

File Manager

Work with the manager is similar to what you usually do in Finder: go up and down the directory tree.


You can upload one or more files by dropping them from Finder or by a click on the appropriate toolbar button (Up Arrow).


Select files you want to download and click the download button (Down Arrow) on the toolbar and download tasks for the selected files will be created and queued.

You can also drop files directly into desired destination in Finder.


The preview feature is able to display the most popular graphic format like PNG, JPEG, plain text, PDF files and ZIP archives. Select a file you want to preview and click preview or press the space button on your keyboard. While in preview you can go forth and back among the files pressing keyboard’s up and down. Hit space again to exit preview.