You can create multiple configuration for every occasion. For example, you want to use different settings for your home and network in your favorite café. Create a new configuration for the café's network and set all the specific parameters you had to change when you're there. The new configuration can be activated manually or automatically as your Mac connects with the café's network.

Every configuration setting can differ from default's one. Thus, the speed limit value in configuration A can be different from the value in configuration B. You can even integrate Progressive Downloader with Apple Safari in one configuration and Google Chrome in another and Mozilla Firefox in third.

How to Set It Up

Open Progressive Downloader's preferences and spot the arrow nearby the red button that closes window. Click the arrow to open the Configurations menu.

Configurations Menu
Manage Configurations
Manage Configurations
Location Services

Since macOS 14 Sonoma, one must allow current network name sharing in Location Services (more info on the change).

Open Location Services and turn on the switch next to Progressive Downloader.