Integration Guide
Integration Procedure
In order to integrate Progressive Downloader with your favorite browser you need to install the Interceptor. Allow browser to launch Progressive Downloader if you’re asked.

Switch to Progressive Downloader and select the Interceptor preferences from the main menu of the application. In case you don’t see the menu item, please perform installation again.

Progressive Downloader's plug-in menu

Click Install to start the integration procedure.

Press the 'Install' button

Wait until the Interceptor finds all supported browsers on your mac and select the browser you want to integrate with. At the very moment the Interceptor is compatible with:

Browser selection

Select types of files you wish to download in Progressive Downloader and click Finish.

Types to intercept. Final screen.

The last step is to install extension to your browser.

Shared Cookie Storage

Since version 2.2, Progressive Downloader is capable to use cookies of the browser the application is integrated with. In other words, you only need to login to a private section of some web-site in your browser to be able to download files from the section in Progressive Downloader.

Note! Starting macOS Mojave access to Apple Safari's cookie database is forbidden by default. See how to grant Progressive Downloader access.

Watch a short video below to see an example:

You can forbid the application to use browser's cookie storage anytime you want by unchecking the appropriate box on the Integration tab.

Option to switch off cookie storage
Multi-browser Integration

If you ever want to integrate Progressive Downloader with two or more of your browsers you need to do the following. For example, you have Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Start with Mozilla Firefox and then go back to the Interceptor's preferences window to click Delete. Don't be afraid, you will loose nothing. After your click the Delete button turns to the Install button. Click it and go through the integration process again with Apple Safari. Switch back to the preferences window and click Delete once more to finish the whole thing up with Google Chrome.

The trick is that you need always start with the Mozilla browsers before switch to all the rest.

Keep in mind that Progressive Downloader will use the cookie storage of the last browser you integrated with.