Version Archive
In Development
date: 2024-07-03, size: 16.48MB
• A fix for an issue when a video file downloaded from a video hosting is in a wrong format.
date: 2024-06-27, size: 16.48MB
• Regular expressions in Groups
• Use the same tags you have in the Finder. Learn more
• Better Mac resource management when dedicated process for each download is enabled
• Updated, more stable and more effective File Browser
• SMB and AFP Support (Plus only)
• Better selection of the fastest mirror
• Lots of other fixes and improvements
date: 2024-03-25, size: 16.35MB
• A new Plus feature - look for alive mirrors. More info
• A fix for an issue when application crashes while the main window's resizing.
• A fix for an issue when application hangs when trying to download using Mega-Debrid.
date: 2024-02-14, size: 16.35MB
• A fix for an issue when some of added downloads don't start automatically.
• Several minor bug fixes.
date: 2024-01-18, size: 16.34MB
• Fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2024-01-09, size: 16.32MB
• A fix for an issue when download tasks disappear after application restart.
• Show a reason why integration with browser has been disabled as a dialog when notifications are off.
• Other minor fixes and improvements.
date: 2023-11-30, size: 16.33MB
• A fix for an issue when connection speed preset cannot be applied correctly.
• A fix for an issue when file cannot be downloaded from the video hosting service.
• A fix for an issue when user is not asked to allow location services on macOS Sonoma in order to enable automatic configuration switching (more info).
date: 2023-10-27, size: 16.33MB
• A fix for an issue when the traffic diagram is on, the task list is not visible on macOS Sonoma.
date: 2023-10-21, size: 16.33MB
• Apply group from the context menu (right-click one or more tasks).
• A fix for an issue when the Plus features are not activated on Intel.
• Minor fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2023-07-25, size: 16.97MB
This is the last version that supports macOS 10.12 Sierra.

• A fix for an issue when App hangs during download task clean-up.
• Other minor fixes and improvements.
date: 2023-06-19, size: 16.97MB
• A fix for an issue when App consumes too many resources and eventually hangs when adding hundreds of download tasks.
• A fix for an issue when App doesn't resume suspended downloads.
• A fix for an issue that video files downloaded from YouTube have incorrect names.
date: 2023-03-18, size: 16.92MB
• Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
• Improved YouTube downloads.
date: 2023-01-17, size: 16.88MB
• Integration with Mozilla Firefox without additional extensions (Plus users only).
• A fix for an issue when saved groups can be lost after application crash.
• Minor UI updates.
• New CLI argument - filename.
• Plus features get a separate preferences tab.
date: 2022-10-25, size: 16.81MB
Bugs fixed:
• Active Hours and scheduled tasks won't start on Apple silicon laptops when lid is closed.
• Mac may fall asleep when one download is completed and next one is yet to be started.
• Files and folders are not sorted by default in file browser.
• Percent sign is in the wrong place for the Turkish locale.
• Load indicator stops spinning when operation is in progress in file browser.
• App crash when download started in Safari was intercepted and a group applied.
date: 2022-09-20, size: 16.81MB
• macOS Ventura support.
• Fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2022-07-06, size: 17.2MB
• Better Apple Safari integration for the Plus users.
• Fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2022-04-05, size: 16.92MB
• A fix for an issue when app must be restarted to reveal the status bar icon's menu.
• A fix for an issue when side panel icon size doesn't follow system settings.
• A fix for an issue when task sorting behaves weirdly if it's sorted by state.
• App updates will be performed by the Sparkle framework.
• Groups – a new feature that combines sorting filters with something new.
• View filters have been removed.
• Apple Safari integration (Plus users only) will test that everything's ready before getting enabled.
• Set maximum completed tasks in the appplication's preferences.
date: 2021-12-02, size: 15.54MB
This is the last version that supports OS X 10.10 Yosemite and OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

• A fix for an issue when status bar icon has no menu.
• A fix for an issue when automator action does not work.
• A fix for an issue when it's impossible to add download via command line.
• A fix for an issue when hidden side menu won't appear.
• A fix for an issue when feedback form may not work.
• A fix for an isuue that causes app crash when the Preferences windows is closed (macOS 10.12).
• A fix for an issue that causes app crash on closing file type selection sheet (macOS 10.12).
• A fix for an issue that Preferences toolbar button called Delete.
• A fix for an issue when Cancel is saved as default answer for dialogs where the save answer check box is available.
• A fix for an issue that '.dll' files may be saved as '.exe'.
date: 2021-11-08, size: 15.52MB
• New options to limit app's energy consumption on battery. Open Preferences -> Energy.
• Fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2021-09-14, size: 15.16MB
• macOS Monterey support.
• Bug fixes, performance and stability improvements.
date: 2021-05-29, size: 16.55MB
• Safari integration fixed.
• Minor fixes.
date: 2021-04-06, size: 16.53MB
• macOS Big Sur support.
• Apple silicon processors support.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2020-09-15, size: 12MB
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2020-09-10, size: 12MB
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2019-06-18, size: 11.18MB
• Stability improvements.
date: 2019-05-28, size: 11.18MB
• Bug fixes.
date: 2019-04-22, size: 11.18MB
• Power Nap support in both Active Hours and scheduler. Insure you have Power Nap enabled in System Preferences.
• Stability improvements.
date: 2018-12-11, size: 11.11MB
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2018-11-27, size: 11.11MB
• From now on, each new version will be notarized by Apple to indicate that it is free of malicious software.
• Two things have been removed due to lack of popularity: integration with Growl and the ability to import media files to iTunes.
• Bug fixes.
date: 2018-11-03, size: 12.19MB
• Safari interception logic changed. The intercepted downloads from Apple Safari will not automatically continue downloading but pop up a new task dialog. In order to get back previous behavior, please switch on the appropriate option to suppress confirmation dialogs on task addition.
• Show and hide the filter side panel from the View menu or by pressing ⌥⌘S.
• Bug fixes.
date: 2018-10-11, size: 12.19MB
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2018-09-20, size: 12.17MB
• Support of latest and hottest macOS Mojave.
• Bridge, a Safari App Extension that adds two handy items to the context menu of Apple Safari.
1. "Download Link in Progressive Downloader" helps you download documents behind links with just two clicks. Reveal the context menu on a link to see this one.
2. "Download Selection in Progressive Downloader" can find links in selected text. Select text and reveal the context menu. If there's the menu item, the text contains links. Select the item to download them.
• Traditionally the new version contains a tonne of fixes.
date: 2018-06-07, size: 12.01MB
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2018-05-22, size: 12.01MB
• Zevera is back. Check it out at
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2018-03-29, size: 12.87MB
• A fix for an issue that causes application crash when system awakes.
• A fix for an issue when user notifications don't appear.
date: 2018-03-21, size: 12.87MB
• A fix for an issue when FTP and SFTP resources were inaccessible on 10.10.
• Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2018-02-12, size: 12.87MB
• Use separate settings for different Wi-Fi networks or browser – read more.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2017-12-21, size: 11.22MB
• A fix for an issue when the app can hang for a while when a download of a large file (50GB, for example) has been started.
• A fix for an issue when it's imposible to download a thing using the service.
date: 2017-12-14, size: 11.22MB
Bug fixes and stability improvements.
date: 2017-11-11, size: 11.34MB
• The multi-instance mode – read more.
• Integration with Apple Safari without additional extensions – read more.
• New context menu items:
— "Open" – opens selected file using default application. Hold the Alt(Opt) key to reveal the "Show in Finder" item.
— "Open With" – open selected file with an application from list.
• Double-click on a download task reveals downloaded file in Finder. Use the new context menu item to open it.
• A long train of bug fixes and improvements.
date: 2017-08-28, size: 11.27MB
This is the last version that supports OS X 10.9 aka Mavericks.

• Support of the Waterfox browser.
• Stability improvements.
date: 2017-08-14, size: 11.27MB
• A fix for an issue when application hangs on FTP/SFTP connection.
• A fix for an issue when it's impossible to login to Mega-Debrid if your password contains special symbols.
• Use the new filename property to change name of result file from AppleScript.
• Application automatically adds file extension to downloaded file when it's missing.
date: 2017-03-21, size: 11.93MB
• A fix for an issue when Link Box's button "Add" doesn't work.
• A fix for an issue when application marks all downloaded install packages as corrupted.
date: 2017-03-01, size: 11.93MB
• A fix for an issue when the application hangs on sleep.
• A fix for an issue when wrong sorting filter applied.
• A fix for an issue when Active Hours lets Mac sleep.
• A fix for an issue when Dock badge doesn't show real download speed.
• A fix for an issue when proxy settings are not taken in account for HTTP/HTTPS connections.
• A fix for an issue when schedule fields doesn't display AM/PM in task properties.
date: 2016-12-14, size: 10.08MB
• New toolbar buttons "Suspend All" and "Resume All".
• Ability to download video in the best available quality from YouTube and Vimeo.
• Basic support for touch bar. I'm open for your suggestion on which functions should be there for quick access.
• A fix for an issue when application is unable to finish with error "Requested Range Not Satisfiable".
• A fix for an issue when application cannot emulate recent versions of Opera and Vivaldi Browsers.
• Traditionally lots of minor fixes.
date: 2016-09-14, size: 11.71MB
• Forgot to approve new download tasks and closed the application? No problem! The new task windows will be restored on next launch.
• A fix for an issue when some HTTPS resources are unreachable.
• A pack of minor fixes and improvements as usual.
date: 2016-09-02, size: 11.71MB
This is the last version that supports Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion and OS X 10.8 aka Mountain Lion.

New features:

• Use your account and download from a long list of file hosting services at high speed. Read more.

Notable fixes:

• A fix for an issue when application freezes with multiple concurrent downloads.
• A fix for an issue when application crashes with a number of new task windows.
• A fix for an issue when task never finished using a big amount of threads.
• A fix for an issue when user is asked for password though there's one saved in the storage.
date: 2016-07-25, size: 11.71MB
• Rename partially downloaded data bundle to change result filename.
• A fix for an issue when priority not updated once it has been changed.
date: 2016-07-18, size: 11.7MB
• FTP with SSL/TSL support using ftp:// and ftps:// schemes.
• Use the search field from the Help menu to look for application settings and articles on the site.
• Download History is now available from the Dock and menu icons.
• Verification of XIP (XAR) archives.
• Smooth progress animation and other eye candies.
• Fixes for the issues spotted in macOS Sierra beta 2.
• A bag of bug fixes and improvements.
date: 2016-05-20, size: 11.62MB
• Progressive Downloader emulates the browser you integrated with (see more) by sending appropriate user agent value. Check the Connection tab of application preferences to insure the User-Agent option is set to "Default".
• A fix for an issue when running tasks not resumed on relaunch.
• A fix for an issue when user can see bookmark values if one switches to the Custom tab after unsuccessful attempt to connect in Browser.
• A fix for an issue when side menu tags not displayed properly on 10.11.
• A fix for an issue when 302 responses with no location incorrectly treated.
• Lots of other fixes and improvements as usual.
date: 2016-04-22, size: 10.89MB
New features:
• Ability to use browser's cookie storage. Drag links to files located at site you had to log in from your browser window to Progressive Downloader's dock icon. Read more...
• A fix for an issue when redirection to the same resource causes task idling.
• A fix for an issue when connecting to an HTTP resource that needs authorization but no valid credentials are supplied.
• A fix for an issue when download stops with message "Requested range not satisfiable".
date: 2016-03-30, size: 10.81MB
This release includes lots of new features. Here are some of them:
• Download history – Know what you were downloading on a past date even though you have your task list clear. (Task -> History)
• New Task Properties Window – Add mirrors, change credentials, schedule delayed start or whatsoever without need to suspend downloading. (File -> Add Task)
• Automatic Clean-up – Switch this feature on and the application will be removing completed tasks finished more than specified count of days automatically. (Preferences -> Task)
• Connection Speed Presets – Let the application know your Internet connection speed to apply appropriate settings. (Preferences -> Connection)
date: 2015-10-24, size: 11.21MB
A fix for an issue when the application could not read Safari cookies on OS X 10.11.
date: 2015-09-30, size: 11.19MB
A few bug fixes including for one when connection fails with "Bad Request" or "Request Entity Too Large".
date: 2015-09-16, size: 11.2MB
Major changes:
• Compatibility with OS X 10.11.
• Integrity verification of downloaded zip and dmg files.
• Import files of known formats into the iTunes library using context menu (right click on a downloaded multimedia file).
• Application watches over task speed to keep download speed as high as possible (works only if auto thread count is switched off).
• New double click behavior:
- click on a suspended task resumes it.
- click on a running task suspends it.
- click on a finished task reveals downloaded file in Finder.
date: 2015-08-23, size: 11.02MB
• A fix for an issue when application hangs after the preferences window gets re-activated.
• A fix for an issue when the new task dialog pops back after it has been already closed.
date: 2015-07-29, size: 11.02MB
Fixes of major issues:
• A fix for an issue when file type selection dialog doesn't save first file type in each category.
• A fix for an issue when file browser claims it cannot delete file or folder but it's already gone.
• A fix for an issue when application crashes trying to parse a long link.
• A fix for an issue when feedback notification takes to long to send with the system info check-box on.
• A fix for an issue when application doesn't activate if a new task request is sent from command line.
• A fix for an issue when sorting filters not applied for tasks added from command line.
date: 2015-04-02, size: 10.32MB
New features:
• Active Hours. Define a time period when you'd like to have your downloads running.
• Option to automatically quit application once all downloads are completed. To turn this option on go to the General tab of application preferences and reveal it with a click on the “Show More” button. Note that when it’s on the sleep feature is disabled.
• Now you can remove completed task along with downloaded file. Select one or more files and press Opt+Backspace (⌥+⌫).
• Use text field to schedule download start. Bring up the new task dialog or edit an already scheduled task. Unfold the scheduler option and uncheck “Calendar and clock”.
• Disable task log that pops up once a task has been selected. To turn the log off go to the General tab of application preferences and reveal the option with a click on the “Show More” button.
• A fix for an issue when one is adding a bunch of new tasks and app’s UI freezes for a long time.
• A fix for an issue when application incorrectly saves the proxy password.
• A fix for an issue when it's impossible to download a file using Browser connected to non-standard port.
• A fix for an issue when server returns 0 bytes with no error and task won't ever finish.
• A fix for an issue when the suspended task count increases if the app finds a valid link in the pasteboard.
• A fix for an issue when GUI stops updating while the context menu is visible.
date: 2015-02-05, size: 10.01MB
• A fix for an issue when a scheduled task starts on app launch instead of staying scheduled.
• A fix for an issue when the side menu tags show incorrect numbers after app restart.
• A fix for an issue when the app is unable to recognize Cyrillic filename after being twice encoded to UTF-8.
• Fixes for issues in stability of mirror and thread management.
date: 2015-01-12, size: 10.01MB
New features:
• Sorting filter: organize your downloads by file types or manually.
• Ability to select from multiple credentials saved for one resource.
• Task grid sorted by state reflects the order the tasks will be started.
• Main window can be always revealed up by click on the Dock icon.
• A fix for an issue when application spontaneously hangs trying to finish a task.
• Lots of minor fixes and improvements.
date: 2014-12-09, size: 9.95MB
• Japanese localization update.
• Fixes for issues detected on OS X 10.7.
date: 2014-11-24, size: 9.95MB
Fixes for issues detected on OS X 10.7.
date: 2014-11-18, size: 9.95MB
• A fix for an issue when notifications are not displayed in Notification Center.
• French localization update.
• Several small fixes and improvements.
date: 2014-11-06, size: 9.93MB
New Features:
• Application gets support of OS X 10.10.
• A fix for an issue when task is about to stop but bumps a boulder.
• A fix for an issue when application doesn't allow Mac to sleep when no task is running but the downloader XPC crashed some time before.
• A fix for an issue when the time part of the scheduler doesn't react on user actions.
• A fix for an issue when application is unable to create files with some special symbols (like '%') using FTP or SFTP.
• A fix for an out of memory issue when uploading a huge pack of files using browser.
• Minor fixes and improvements.
date: 2014-08-20, size: 8.2MB
• Added compatibility with Gatekeeper on OS X 10.9.5.
• A fix for an issue when one cannot launch the app if the destination folder is inaccessible or read-only.
date: 2014-07-21, size: 8.2MB
• The issue when the application hangs at the moment a download is finished.
• The issue when the application hangs if it's unable to create output file.
• The issue when one chooses to restart a download but it won't happen.
• The issue when the application incorrectly determines file name with the "?" symbol.
date: 2014-06-07, size: 8.2MB
New features:
• Application was throughly rewritten to use the XPC technology.
• Arabic localization added.
• For your convenience all preferences have been split on basic and advanced.
• Final filename can be changed from the context menu using item Rename.
• The DropBox feature has been renamed to Link Box.
• Browser now supports the Dropbox service.
• The bug when task grid not updated on OS X 10.9.
• The bug when application is unable to quit after a massive task restart.
• The bug when the "Filename" column size not saved.
• The bug that prevented the application to reset preferences on OS X 10.9.
• The bug when application crashes while browsing an HTML resource.
• The bug that leads to crash on attempt to start a task with no network connection.
... and traditionally: lots of minor fixes and improvements.
date: 2014-03-06, size: 7.41MB
This is the last version that supports Mac OS X 10.6 aka Snow Leopard.

Stability improvements on OS X 10.9.2.
date: 2013-10-05, size: 7.45MB
New features:
• Support of all-new power consumption technologies on OS X Mavericks.
• Download progress is viewable in Finder on OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks.
• The filter sidebar gets count tags. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled in preferences.
• Each downloaded file can be assigned with one of system labels (the field is editable on OS X Mavaricks only). The "label" property is also available using AppleScript.
• Application notifies user when update is downloaded and ready to be applied after application restart.
• The "Plug-in" submenu is revealed under the menu bar icon.
• Default temporary files' location changed from ~/Library/Caches to ~/Library/Caches/com.PS.PSD.
• Application purges temporary files on launch.
• Browser will ask for retry when remote directory listing failed.
• Warning dialog that "Start immediately" was set as default action.
• A fix for an issue when authentication dialog behaves unstable and could cause a crash.
• A fix for an issue when result filename's extension not set according to the mime type received from server.
• A fix for an issue when main menu items "Start" and "Suspend" don't work.
• A fix for an issue when the "Edit" and "Restart" menu items are still enabled while task is being stopped.
• A fix for an issue that could dead-lock application when "Start" and "Suspend" pressed too fast.
• A fix for an issue when application doesn't use next mirror if first mirror went down.
• A fix for an issue when error timer may not work.
• A fix for an issue when unattached sheet revealed to set custom speed.
• A fix for an issue when libcurl outputs debug information even when it's not needed.
• A fix for an issue when Mac falls asleep even having running tasks.
• A fix for an issue that could cause application crash while listing an FTP/SFTP folder.
• A fix for an issue that disallows to limit speed for a single task.
• A fix for an issue when file descriptor remains open after upload operation is complete.
• A fix for an issue when plug-ins don't remove their data during reset operation.
• Several fixes related to Browser's drag and drop and file selection features.
• Several fixes in mirror list editor.
• Lots of other minor fixes and improvements.
date: 2013-06-15, size: 7.49MB
New features:
• Retina display support.
• Download speed limiter is now accessible from menu icon.
• Connection speed watchdog (available on the Handlers tab): watches over connection speed and reset connection if it reaches slow down limit.
• Application may crash when file is too small.
• Application doesn't treat deflated HTTP data.
• Application may crash when the preferences window has been opened and closed.
• Unable to add a new file type using the file type selection dialog.
• Application is unable to decode Cyrillic file name when it's represented as chain of escape codes.
• Application doesn't treat 408 and 503 HTTP codes.
• ZIP file contents preview doesn't show correct file dates.
• Application could crash during update check when update server is unavailable.
• Various memory leaks and stability improvements.
date: 2013-03-27, size: 6.84MB
New features:
• European Portuguese localization.
• Auto-thread count option - application controls thread count to get optimal download speed.
• New option available - reset to application defaults.
• Silent application auto-update.
• Application gets dead-locked when shutdown window should pop-up and no tasks selected.
• No warning message when data folder is read-only.
• Application crashes on authentication dialog.
• Glitches after entering full screen.
• Application doesn't try to save current tasks on crash.
• Application crashes when one chooses preview option from the new task dialog and the dialog was popped up from a non-main thread.
• Unable to set FTP connection using non-standard port.
• Several fields in the task grid (like priority) are editable.
• Browser preview gets stuck when switching between text files.
• Minor improvements and fixes.
date: 2012-11-20, size: 6.6MB
New features:
• Google Drive support in Browser.
• the Interceptor plug-in now works in the wizard way.
• automatic and silent plug-in updates.
• stability improvements.
• FIXED: 10.8 goes to sleep when task battery set to complete tasks one-by-one.
• dozens of minor bug fixes.
date: 2012-08-24, size: 6.8MB
This is the last version that supports Mac OS X 10.5 aka Leopard.

New features:
• Download progress is visible on file icon.
• Mountain Lion's Notification Center support (Preferences->Integration->Events and notifications).
• Application sometimes creates extra threads for task but doesn't kill them when their work is done.
• Download task doesn't stop when no free space available.
• Application is unable to download files with special symbols (like slash) in file-name.
• Application is unable to authenticate on resource that uses Digest authentication method.
• Application loses connection when Mountain Lion falls asleep.
• Application crashes on quit when mirror speed test is running.
• Dozens of minor bug fixes.
date: 2012-07-07, size: 6.58MB
New features:
• Browser is now capable to upload and delete files, create directories using FTP and SFTP protocols.
• RapidShare support in Browser.
• Greek localization.
• Application doesn't treat 307 and 308 HTTP codes.
• Application doesn't go fullscreen on restart.
• Few minor issues.
date: 2012-03-27, size: 6.19MB
• FIXED: SFTP usage leads to app crash.
• FIXED: app crashed when task is almost complete.
date: 2012-03-23, size: 6.19MB
• FIXED: app crashes if one or more old plug-ins are installed.
date: 2012-03-22, size: 6.19MB
New features:
• App main menu updated according to the Apple's development guide.
• Full screen mode.
• Developer ID signed.
• New plugin API to be published soon.
• Lots of them.
date: 2012-02-27, size: 5.17MB
New features
• Application signed with Apple Developer certificate so it could be compatible with the second Gatekeeper's mode "Mac App Store and identified developers" (OS X 10.8 Dev Prev).
• The interceptor can be removed from application preferences.
• Minor GUI changes.
• FIXED: Application terminates during mirror search.
date: 2012-02-20, size: 5.17MB
New features:
• Unfinished files are created with ".part" ending in filename.
• Italian localization update.
• New checksum algo - CRC32.
• New PSBasic function - AddTask.
• Browser is now able to scan http pages for links.
• PSBasic framework update.
• Silent scripts auto-update.
• FIXED: Progress bar caption isn't shown correctly when custom font is used.
• FIXED: Unable to download files from resources where get params are checked (for instance,
• FIXED: The Interceptor doesn't provide cookies for captured link.
• FIXED: App incorrectly explodes path with @ in filename.
date: 2011-12-30, size: 5.11MB
• Application doesn't save its current path on launch.
• Safari exstension issue addresses the case when one clicks "Download in..." and browser says that plug-in not found.
date: 2011-12-28, size: 5.09MB
New features:
• Japanese localization update.
• The case when application fires up huge amount of threads which leads to the system crash.
date: 2011-12-22, size: 5.09MB
New features:
• Ukrainian localization.
• Dutch localization.
• Growl 1.3 support.
• Badge speed counter now reflects real download speed regardless file size.
• Bunch of stability and memory leak fixes.
date: 2011-11-08, size: 5.3MB
• Lots of stability fixes.
date: 2011-11-05, size: 5.3MB
• Several authentication-related fixes.
• Stability fixes.
date: 2011-10-28, size: 5.3MB
• Two and more modal windows could be on screen at the same time and all of them fight to be key.
• Application doesn't wait network connection to be established when system wakes up.
• Some ftp servers list additional "." and ".." directories.
• Sometimes update procedure fails and application asks user to finish it up.
• Tons of stability fixes.
date: 2011-10-18, size: 5.3MB
New features
• application core is completely rewritten
- stability improvement.
- autosave every 15 seconds.
- no more MMS protocol support.
• preview of ZIP archives. download selected files only, not the whole archive.
• MacOS 10.7 (Lion) support.
• Opera Browser support.
date: 2011-06-21, size: 5.35MB
• annoying exception in PSAppController::_checkingThread.
• checking indicator shifts down when task properties window resized.
• pasteboard watcher stops working when a new task window is open.
• task properties window doesn't allow to add mirrors if a mirror is locked.
date: 2011-06-20, size: 5.35MB
New features:
• new column is now accessible - hostname.
• psbasic handler was updated: a new function and refreshed functions documentation.
• simultaneous SFTP downloads could cause application crash.
• crash in PSTimeoutHandler::_checkingThread.
• sftp credentials not saved in the Keychain.
• dialog "N items more to go" has buttons swapped: "Stop" and "Continue".
date: 2011-06-15, size: 5.34MB
New features:
• side panel size can be changed and even hidden.
• auto-shutdown timer doesn't work.
• main window state not saved on application exit.
date: 2011-06-09, size: 5.32MB
New features:
• task priorities. you can set priority to one or a group of tasks to control order of downloads.
• new task start and suspend buttons behavior:
start button: click once to enqueue tasks. click twice to run all selected tasks.
suspend button: one can suspend an idled task either.
• mirror speed test. when a task have two or more mirrors and no speed limiting is applied, application checks mirrors to find the most speedy and then uses this information to download file as fast as possible.
• current pack of basic handler scripts are bundled with application.
• notification preferences. one can enable or disable the task complete signal and select the Growl notifications that needed.
• Suspend All and Resume All items revealed in Dock menu.
• application restores Browser windows those were open on exit.
date: 2011-04-12, size: 5.16MB
New features:
• speed badge background is now a bit darker to increase readability.
• update queue (simple mode) doesn't loop until maximum count of working tasks is reached.
• update queue starts all the idling tasks regardless the limit.
• web server can return a 303 packet without redirection address, this leads to termination signal.
• restarted task doesn't update its row in the task grid.
date: 2011-04-08, size: 5.15MB
New features:
• Hungarian localization.
• user can choose the action that will be made once task was added.
• Apple Safari and Google Chrome integration using native browser extensions.
• PSBasicHandler can be disabled. no script will be updated since the moment it's disabled.
• automator action doesn't support the x64 architecture.
• value of the hostname queue length could be set to 0.
• task log closes on table view refresh.
• task speed limit couldn't be set unless the task is not running.
• deadlock when the remove button is clicked and there are more than one item with error timer.
• account information is not retrieved from the password storage when task has been added using default values.
date: 2011-02-25, size: 5.01MB
New Features:
• maximum speed limit value can be lower than 50KB/s (down to 1KB/s).
• AppleScript task's property "maximum speed" renamed to "speed limit".
• speed limitation leads to deadlock.
• possible deadlock on task stop.
• possible deadlock when selected filter is changed.
• task queue in the resource mode doesn't work as it should.
• possible crash in task completion function.
• CPU usage could grow more than 100%.
date: 2011-02-19, size: 4.95MB
New features:
• SSH (SFTP) support.
• Browser to list FTP and SSH sites.
• Minor visual improvements.
date: 2010-11-28, size: 3.92MB
New features:
• new icons and color theme.
• Keychain support.
• AppleScript support.
• Automator actions.
• unicode hostnames support.
• mirror search engines list update.
• download speed limitation.
• dock icon accepts links just like DropBox does.
• lots of other improvements.
date: 2010-08-05, size: 3.39MB
New features:
• localization: italian translation.
date: 2010-07-27, size: 3.38MB
New features:
• localization: german and chinese translations.
Fixed issues:
• memory leaks.
• http class didn't create correct post requests. as result user could never download a thing from
date: 2010-07-20, size: 3.35MB
New features:
• new dialog/notification system.
• name of file downloaded from FTP server could contain encoded symbols like %20.
• localization: russian and spanish translations.
• new file saving mechanizm without temp files. network stream saved data directly into result file.
• dropbox is visible in all spaces.
• auto-update checking interval could be customized using the application preferences.
• option to suppress customization and confirmation dialogs on task addition.
Fixed issues:
• timeout handler slowed down task stopping procedure.
• minimum delay between downloads from one resource is 1 when default is 0. user can set 0 as a valid value now.
date: 2010-06-21, size: 3.26MB
Fixed issues:
• Dock icon doesn't jump when application is launched.
• Dock icon click doesn't bring the main window back if it was closed and there are no open windows at the moment.
date: 2010-06-18, size: 3.26MB
Fixed issues:
• result filename could be enclosed within quote signs.
• application doesn't load icons for custom filters.
• several GUI fixes.
date: 2010-06-16, size: 3.25MB
New features:
• new properties tab - proxy. specified proxy settings will be used instead system ones for HTTP and FTP sessions.
• space pre-allocation procedure for large files was improved.
• floating dropbox (textview) to add multiple links (Cmd+D).
• closing of the main window doesn't hide all application windows anymore, it works just like it should be. use application menus or Cmd+T to bring it back.
• customizable delay between downloads from the same site.
Fixed issues:
• clear complete option causes application crash.
• multiple addition takes too much time to place all the tasks into the queue.
• small size/speed could be transformed into a negative number.
• possible dead-locks on task auto-start.
• safari plug-in compatibility update.
date: 2010-05-21, size: 2.97MB
Fixed issues:
• some script handlers could not work on macs with 10.6 installed. symptoms: messages "index of out bounds" and "dimention count must be identical".
date: 2010-05-12, size: 2.83MB
Fixed issues:
• queue manager failed to work due to incorrect application update check-up procedure implementation.
• few stability fixes.
date: 2010-04-29, size: 2.83MB
New features:
• safari plug-in via SIMBL. check preferences=>integration to enable this feature.
• user agent identification line for HTTP connections now could be changed in preferences.
• plug-ins engine is implemented to extend basic abilities.
- bundles should be placed the plugins sub-folder of the data directory which is usually located at "~/Downloads/PSD Data".
- PSD must be launched with the -SAFEMODE argument to disable plug-ins engine.
- plug-in packages could be installed using double click in finder or any other file manager.
• new basic function: httpStoreCookies(httpObj). the function saves fetched cookies into global cookie storage.
• icon view selection. three possible modes: dock icon, menu bar icon or both icons.
• new task menu item: restart task. it's useful for those who selected menu bar icon mode.
• basic handlers timeout.
• data folder clean-up procedure that invokes on application start.
• task destination could be opened using the right-click menu if the task is finished.
Fixed issues:
• application can sometimes fall on exit.
• main grid could move down when user removes one or more tasks.
• sleep icon not scaled in the small mode of toolbar.
• memory leaks.
date: 2010-03-29, size: 2.42MB
New features:
• new basic function: imageText(imageUrl,HttpObj).
Fixed issues:
• stability patches.
• unable to add task from PSD's cold start using external application (such as flashgot).
date: 2010-03-22, size: 2.41MB
New features:
• main table view autosave.
• minimal OS version index lowered to 10.5.0.
• updated basic script engine.
• current downloading speed calculation procedure moved into a separate thread.
• new basic function: javascript().
• improved thread control via pop-up menu.
Fixed issues:
• memory leaks fixes.
• script handler could not be applied to 3-level domains, like
• newly added tasks idled with zero timestams, this makes impossible to apply filters to them.
• fatal error when search field is cleared.
• task could be removed while it's being stopped.
date: 2010-02-27, size: 2.4MB
New features:
• improved period task filter.
• visible columns customization menu.
• PLS file support (more info at
Fixed issues:
• application fail to correctly count running threads.
• result file could be truncated to zero when server response header doesn't contain data size or it's zero.
• unable to input 120 as value for thread timeout from first attempt.
• link check-up of the task properties window doesn't use cookies info.
• wrong behavior of the mirrors editor.
• bunch of minor fixes.
date: 2010-02-22, size: 2.28MB
Fixed issues:
• incorrectly stuck buttons on the feedback window.
• log window could be set visible when more than one task is selected.
• maximum error count value is assumed as value+1.
• multiple "complete" notifications on small files in multi-thread mode.
date: 2010-02-12, size: 2.28MB
New features:
• metalink (more info at files support.
• new multi-import dialog.
• links export will now include only filtered tasks.
• right mouse click behavior on main window is sightly changed.
• task edit dialog now includes mirror manager.
Fixed issues:
• download thread failed to stop after it was asked to do it.
• application doesn't download files with special symbols in name i.e. "[" or "]".
• minor fixes.
date: 2010-01-25, size: 2.09MB
Fixed issues:
• script handler doesn't notice of errors.
• both new and old names are visible when you rename a custom filter.
date: 2010-01-20, size: 2.09MB
Fixed issues:
• speed limiter handler on/off switch click led to exception.
• several memory leaks fixed.
New feautres:
• feedback form.
• script handler editor button is available on the handlers tab of the preferences window.
date: 2010-01-02, size: 2.08MB
Fixed issues:
• timeout handler could hang the application.
• downloads table fails to update with the new site-separated queue manager on.
New feautres:
• new methods for asynchroneous requests for site handlers.
date: 2009-12-21, size: 2.06MB
Fixed issues:
• duplicated "paused" messages in logs.
• task log is not updated on completion when the "incomplete" filtrater is activated.
• incorrect file size for update
• referer and cookies incorrectly set to HTTP downloader.
New features:
• FlashGot support
• improved progress bar cell that lets implement resizable columns.
• background auto-check for available updates implemented. the checking operation starts every 30 minutes and
on application start but only if the option is on.
• countdown dialog for sleep and application quit on auto-shutdown.
• restart task menu item is able to be accessible from pop-up task menu as well as link check menu entry.
• application logs in release builds which can be switched on with default key.
date: 2009-12-14, size: 2.2MB
Initial release.
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